Tested quality

Source: PI Berlin

A further principle at Krannich Solar is: We want to help create the solar future. We therefore not only buy high-quality and cost-effective photovoltaic solutions, but also subject them to a strict quality check. To this end, we work together with both the brand manufacturers and research institutes.


Regular quality and performance checks

Only if the products meet our quality criteria and the components are perfectly adapted to each other are they added to our sales repertoire. Our products are constantly tested visually, mechanically and electrically. This helps guarantee a long service life for the solar modules and optimal yields for the PV system at all times. These high quality and performance standards are underlined by certificates and long warranty periods.

The Krannich Solar quality programme

Independent third parties are used to ensure that we meet the demands of our customers with regard to quality. We commission the renowned photovoltaic
testing organisation CalLab PV Modules of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE and the TUV Rheinland to test samples of our products regularly based on the following criteria:

Controlled Power

In order to ensure that the performance of the solar modules lies within the tolerances specified by the manufacturer, we have the performance measured under standard test conditions (STC) for selected samples.

Longlife Tested

Laminate bond test: The bond between the front glass, solar cells, EVA and back foil is essential for the durability of a solar module. The test for the degree of crosslinking and peel force assesses the risk of delamination.

Cell breakage/micro-cracks: So-called electroluminescence images are used to test the solar cells embedded in the module for cell breakage and micro-cracks. This helps us ensure that the modules are in perfect working order at the time of the checks.