K2 Systems

K2 Systems is dedicated to advancing solar energy installations throughout North America by offering cutting edge mounting systems for solar technology. K2 is a member of K2 Systems International Group, one of Europe's market leaders in mounting systems, with more than 10 GW installed in over 110 countries worldwide.

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Residential Roof Solutions

CrossRail System

The CrossRail System features four rail profile types (CR 44-X, 48-X, 48-XL, and 80) in both mill and dark.

  •  UL 2703 Listed for bonding and fire
  •  This system is the platform system for Everest – as the main dual rail system.
  •  L-foot provides adjustability and compatibility with common roof interfaces (comp, tile and metal)
  •  Compatible with the universal bonding CrossRail Mid and End Clamps (30-47 mm)
  • Everest offers a variety of their own roof attachment products


CrossRail System (PDF)

CrossRail Assembly Guide (PDF)

CrossRail Shared Rail System

The CrossRail Shared Rail System is designed to reduce roof attachments. Use the same components as CrossRail System with 2 added innovative components.

  • Compatible with all CrossRail rail profiles (CR 44-X, 48-X, 48-XL, and 80)
  • UL 2703 Listed for integrated bonding – use only 1 lug per sub-array
  • Use our EverFlash + Slide Kit for comp shingle roofs for adjustability during installation
  • Compatible with the CrossRail universal Mid and End Clamps as well as the Yeti Clamp (hidden end clamp)


CrossRail Shared Rail System (PDF)

CrossRail Shared Assembly Guide (PDF)

CrossRail 44-X

This our new, optimized rail profile. The CR 44-X is German-engineered up to 200 mph winds and 100 PSF snow, making this one rail you can use for all markets. The open channel allows for in-rail wire management, keeping wires off the roof and enhancing the aesthetics of your array.


CrossRail Tilt Up System

The CrossRail Tilt Up System is pre-engineered for 7, 10 and 15 degree tilt. Use the same components as CrossRail System with 2 added innovative components.

  •  Use the same CrossRail rail (CR 44-X, 48-X, 48-XL, and 80) for tilt legs
  •  Adjustable Tilt Connector Set installs in seconds with 3 T-Bolts
  •  Adjustable Climber Set connects NS to EW CrossRails
  •  UL 2703 Listed for integrated bonding
  •  Fast, simple installation


Tilt Up System Datasheet (PDF)

Tilt Up System Assembly Guide (PDF)

Metal Roof Solutions

MiniRail XPRess System

The MiniRail XPRess System is a short rail system designed for trapezoidal metal roofs as thin as 26 gauge.

  • The MiniRail XPRess Base is 17 inches long and has EPDM backing preattached
  • Each Base only requires 4 EJOT screws with an EPDM washer to reduce the chance of water intrusion
  • The deep MK3 channel allows the use of universal bonding CrossRail mid and end clamps
  • UL 2703 Listed for integrated bonding
  • Fast, simple installation


MiniRail XPRess System (PDF)

MiniRail XPRess Assembly Guide (PDF)

Flat roof solutions

D-Dome Railless² System

The D-Dome Railless² System is installed on flat roofs. It is the fastest and easiest commercial flat roof system to install, using modular components and virtually no hardware. 

  • A low-ballast system which maximizes available roof space
  • ASCE 7-05 and ASCE-10 compliant; boundary layer wind tunnel tested
  • SEAOC peer-reviewed for wind and seismic loads
  • UL2703 certified
  • Quick and easy handling - adapted to the workflows on a construction site
  • Robust and reliable
  • Can be anchored if required


 D-Dome Railless² System (PDF)

 D-Dome Railless² System Assembly Guide (PDF)