Following decades of experience in the roofing industry, Vermont-based manufacturer Alpine SnowGuards® evolved its manufacturing business and through this growth EcoFasten Solar® was born. They are committed to the support of renewable energy and work closely with leading solar developers, racking system providers, roofing manufacturers and commercial installation companies.

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EcoFasten PV Flashing Penetration

The GreenFasten™ GF1 bracket system is designed to be installed on most new or existing (retrofit) composition shingle roofs for solar panel applications, and is accepted by most major roofing material manufacturers without voiding warranties. The GreenFasten GF1 system features a patented, watertight seal compatible with a variety of bracket options. Ease of installation makes this one of the fastest attachment points to install in the industry.

Rock-It System 3.0

  • No rail means faster installations and lower cost per watt    
  • Integrated electrical bonding  
  • Conforming to UL 2703  
  • Top-down leveling that installers appreciate: designed for a faster, easier installation.
  • Only one tool required (1/2“ socket)