Tech Insights: The Hottest Inverter Around

Latest Info on Power-One Micro-inverter

Power-One is now one of the largest providers of power management solutions in the world.


Their green power solutions emphasize a wide variety of benefits including: 

• reduced energy consumption 

• increased power density & improved energy harvesting 

• better performance in elevated ambient-temperature environments


With headquarters in Camarilla, California, Power-one is no stranger to sunshine. They have provided innovative products with exceptional energy efficiencies for over thirty years. Power-One employs over 3,000 employees through out its offices in the US, Europe, and Asia.


One of Power-one's latest releases is their micro-inverter. Like the string inverters, they are simple to install, flexible in their system-design and high in efficiency. However, the new micro-inverters offer a variance of advantages that dominate the string inverters’ capabilities.Most importantly, they can allow you to control the panels output individually as well as offer Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for every single module. Having a single MPPT per module ensures that every module will be performing at its best while not confusing the others in the system. Commonly known as the “Christmas lights effect,” this glitch occurs when one of the modules is idling due to shading issues, higher degradation from the others or just because that single module is defective. With micro-inverters, however, this “Christmas lights effect,” will be minimized as every single module is performing separately. Therefore, the harvest will be of optimum capacity.


Unlike most manufacturers who only provide 215 WAC, Power One has released two models with high voltage range, the 250 WAC and 300 WAC. This enables solar modules consisting of 60, 72 or 96 cells. The output power won't be limited to 215 WAC anymore.Power-One also features a high frequency transformer, which is now more popular provided it has higher efficiency. Power-One’s inverters are the highest in the market, at 96.5%. Apart from high frequency, their inverters have one of the fastest and precise MPP tracking algorithms, which really allows for a productive output. As Power-One products remain faithful in terms of efficiency, they are also dedicated to reliability. 


Each of their solutions involves electrolyte-free capacitors which in short, makes the lifespan longer (less electronic parts mean less of a chance to fail). They also feature NEMA 4X which protect the models from falling dirt, rain, sleet, snow, windblown dust, splashing water, hose-directed water, external formation of ice on the enclosure and even corrosion.


As far as installation is concerned, Power-One has developed a simple solution using the AC trunk cable. For those who aren’t familiar with installing micro-inverters, this is good news. If the installation involves various parameters of voltage and frequency, they can easily be adjusted on the field. Once placed on the roof, one can connect them to the PVI-CDD wireless gateway, the device that communicates to the micro inverters wirelessly. The PVI-CDD will also align the micro-inverters so that they will not interfere with the neighboring micro inverters, complicating further communication. The CDD can connect a maximum of thirty micro inverters which is more than enough for residential installations. They are monitored so that the performance is shown for each single modul


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