Fine Quality of Modules Proves True

Axitec & Suntech are thoroughly examined in test labs.


Although quantity is of utmost importance as modules can last for over twenty years, quality must be superior as well.


To ensure that the output of our solar modules is within the tolerance range indicated by the manufacturer, we have the modules regularly tested under standard testing conditions (STC) for selected samples.


During the last 12 months, the well-known photovoltaic testing facilities CalLab PV Modules of the Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme ISE, the Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin AG and TÜV Rheinland tested almost 400 modules from 10 manufacturers on our behalf.


The results confirm a high level of continuity among our top suppliers:




At this time, an average of more than 60 tested modules per manufacturer are included in the result. With respect to the results, both brands continue to feature positive deviations compared to the indicated label value. 

The results of the extensive test series document the quality of the brands offered by Krannich Solar. Each of these manufacturers offers solar modules with positive power tolerances and therefore guarantees a high degree of reliability for its products. The test results confirm that this performance guarantee is adhered to.