Everest is Moving to a Single Tool System

Introducing a new and improved racking system with 1 single tool needed to install.

Introducing the K2 Single Tool System, a complete line of Everest racking products that can be installed using a single tool. To simplify installations and reduce installation time, installers only need to use a 13 mm socket to install an entire solar system.


All Everest components will be transitioning to a 13 mm hex head bolt so that an entire system can be installed using only a 13 mm hex head tool. 


Here are the list of products that are transitioning to a 13 mm hex head bolt:


  • Yeti Clamp (Hidden End Clamp)
  • Universal Mid Clamp
  • Everest Ground Lug
  • Climber Set
  • CR Microinverter & Optimizer Mounting Kit


For more information regarding Everest's new product line, click here.


Click here to watch a webinar recording about this product line.


About Everest Solar System

Everest Solar Systems is dedicated to advancing solar energy installations throughout North America by offering cutting edge mounting systems for solar technology. Everest is a member of K2 Systems International Group, one of Europe's market leaders in mounting systems, with more than 10 GW installed in over 110 countries worldwide. Their product line consists of German-engineered systems that provide the best overall quality in strength, water-proofing, longevity and aesthetics.