About Us

Achieving 100% renewables is the vision of Kurt Krannich

Krannich Solar is prepared to support you through all phases of your project. Since 1995, we have been planning and designing high-performance photovoltaic systems for our solar installers and our project partners worldwide: Personal - Comprehensive - Competitive.



Krannich Solar is prepared to support installation partners through all phases of their project. With an ever-growing market share, Krannich Solar, an owner-managed and self-financed PV distribution company, ranks among the leading global photovoltaic wholesalers. Krannich Solar has steadily expanded into 24 countries with a combined 25 offices due to its customer-centered model, extremely quick turn-around times, and industry-best pricing and availability on the best products in the PV industry.


Unlike electrical wholesalers, Krannich Solar exclusively carries PV products, making them experts in their field. Krannich is positioned to accommodate installers of all sizes- from DIY to MW projects- with years of expertise and extensive resources at their disposal. With offices in New Jersey and California, Krannich Solar USA is prepared to service clients throughout North America, and has a proven track record of fulfilling installers’ needs in a timely, efficient, and responsive manner. For a one-stop-shopping experience with a true focus on tailored customer service, think of Krannich Solar for your PV material needs!


Close cooperation with manufacturers

We work in close cooperation at a global level with the manufacturers to ensure buying power and provide you with the leading prices in the industry. This allows us to increase our product portfolio in order to offer you the most options for your projects.


Availability around the clock with the online shop

The Krannich Solar WebPortal offers you 24/7 access to our entire product range, incl. current prices, delivery time and comprehensive technical documentation. Services like order tracking, planning tools and free downloads complete our offer. Our online shop ensures you a quick order processing and on-time planning:


  •  Current prices and product availability
  •  Exclusive promotions
  •  Orders around the clock


One-Stop-Shop for every type of installation

Krannich strives to fulfill all of your solar needs in one trip. We offer a wide range of solutions for any type of project - a small 4 panel system to a 600KW commercial project. No need to piece-meal your system from multiple sources. We have everything you need!

Small steps on the road to becoming a leading pioneer

The family business founded in 1995 was launched based on practice, not theory: in the truest sense of the word, until 2000 Kurt Krannich was ready to climb on the roofs himself to install photovoltaic systems. At the same time, he was also participating in the development of solar modules at the Fraunhofer institute, Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization.


Krannich Solar quickly became a specialized wholesaler and systems house for photovoltaic installations. We plan and design high-performance photovoltaic systems and support both trades people and major energy utility companies, providing advice and skills in our primary business area:Wholesale .